Selling advice


Summer is upon us, and with it comes the best time of the year to sell your home (and to be an estate agent!).

Blue skies, warm temperatures and nature in bloom make photos look brilliant, and homes look their best, while the lighter nights fuel faster decisions with fewer viewings in the dark.

With so many positives, it’s no wonder that summer is the time of year when lots of people decide to sell. As more homes come on the market and the competition hots up with the weather, the name of the game is standing out from the crowd, instead of getting lost in it. In short, now is the time for your home to shine.

Summer is all about capturing the light, making the most of nature and creating connections between inside and out. Get those right with the help of this week’s blog, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect buyer.

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Kerb appeal sets the tone for every viewing, creating that vital first impression when a buyer arrives outside.

Back in 2017, a OnePoll survey found that 6 out of 10 potential buyers reject a house before they walk through the door, and that still rings true today: those first few moments are hugely influential. I can tell by the look on someone’s face whether they’re impressed or not as we step inside.

The sun highlights every detail when it shines on your home, making fresh paint glisten and say, “I am a home that is loved”. On the other hand, exterior maintenance often feels like more work and expense than is true; it can even make buyers wonder about problems that aren’t even there. Check for any flaking paintwork on the front door or windows, and for any water-stained render, then put them right.

Decoration is one thing, but accessorising is the sizzle that warms up your welcome. You can’t go wrong with seasonal flowers, whatever the age of your home: pots of petunias by the pathway; hanging baskets trailing with begonias by the front door; window boxes dripping with geraniums – they all look fantastic.


Do you know the saying “you only get one go at making a first impression”? Well, you actually get two, and walking into an entrance hall that’s flooded with light is an excellent follow-up to your kerb appeal: it can bolster positive thoughts, and rescue negative ones.

Leaving every interior door open will pull in natural light from every possible source: from the back, from the side and even from above. Open doors create a sense of flow, make your home feel bigger and are about as welcoming as it gets.

Clean windows capture the most daylight, so get them done every week if necessary. It’s extraordinary how much extra light comes in through polished panes: they elevate everything inside, and improve the view to the outside. Exposing as much glass as possible will maximise the results, so keep your curtains pulled right back and your blinds fully open.

For any room that needs some extra help, try these bright ideas:

  • hanging a mirror to reflect light from the windows will give additional depth to a room, making it feel bigger and brighter in one fell swoop;
  • a large and colourful canvass print can brighten up a room and change its tone/vibe in a five-minute job;
  • even if you’re not up for complete redecoration, painting a single wall in a lighter colour can transform a room – pick a pale neutral that complements your decor;
  • summer-toned textiles like cushions, throws and table runners soften the appearance of bulky furniture, while light-coloured rugs can revitalise a floor. Tip: go as big as you can.


Buyers will stay longer in your home – and like it more – when the temperature is comfortable. In the winter, it’s about cranking up the heat, but the summer is about escaping it.

Maintaining a gentle through-draft will keep the inside of your home cool and the air refreshed, so leave a couple of windows securely ajar, preferably facing opposite directions to encourage a natural airflow.

For any rooms that get the full sun during the day, keep curtains and blinds closed to keep out the heat. I’m always happy to arrive a few minutes early for viewings to open everything up and let the light in, then draw everything closed when I leave.

Plants are also your friend here – they lose water during transpiration, which helps purify the air and cool down a room. Not to mention they look great!


Everyone is thinking about life outside in the summer: from Pimms on the terrace, to al fresco dining, to reading a book in a hammock.

More than anything else, having an inviting place to sit is what creates the impression of another room, so whether it’s a small balcony or a large garden, a table and chairs are a seasonal must-have. If they feel a bit bare, textiles will come to your rescue again with seat cushions adding comfort to naked timber or metal.

You don’t have to be a gardening expert to inject some colour. Bare patios, decks and even lawns will liven up with a few pots of summer flowers, and a designer’s trick is to arrange them in threes.

For any children’s playthings, it’s not realistic to move a slide or trampoline whenever there’s a viewing, but you could locate them where they’re least in the way. For smaller toys, keep a crate or two handy for getting them easily in order, and then quickly back to playtime.


With the longer days of summer, evening viewings become more popular and more productive.

Decisions to buy are often made faster in the summer. With no need to come back in the day after a first viewing in the dark, buyers are more certain when they can see everything in the light, and when everything looks its best.

They’ll also hang around longer to savour the neighbourhood, rather than rush home in the cold, and I’ll recommend a favourite pub for them to drink in the local atmosphere.

If you’re planning on dinner outside after your viewers have left, set the table before they arrive to conjure up that al-fresco lifestyle.

And talking of leaving the house, it’s really worth having some options of where to go. Can you have flexible drop-ins with any family or friends living nearby, or playdates for the kids?


With everything about the summer season on your side, it’s the perfect opportunity to sell your home when it looks its best.

I’m here to help you get the highest possible price for your home, so for tailor-made advice in getting your home ready for summer viewings, call for a chat on 01384 958811 or drop me a line at– let’s give your move a flying start.