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Daffodils, bluebells, and tulips are out in force, and bare branches are filling with leaves and blossom: it must be spring!

As the time of fresh starts, now is when buyers come out of hibernation in droves. But so do many sellers, and spring is reliably busy every year with homes coming up for sale.

So how do you stand out from the crowd, make the top of buyers’ shortlists, and sell for the highest price before prime selling season ends?

Well, nothing beats a scroll-stopping listing and heartstopping viewings, and you can create that winning combination in a single weekend with our tips on:

  • Having a thorough spring clean
  • Embracing the power of flowers
  • Amplifying your home’s natural brightness
  • Blending current trends and classic spring style
  • Giving your garden or balcony a boost

With surprisingly little time, cost and effort, you can hit the market with an almighty splash that nobody can ignore or resist, and this week’s blog has to all you need to get sold this spring!


Literally and metaphorically, spring is the time for the Carlsberg of cleans, and to reach the parts regular cleans rarely reach. So, let’s look at those areas that are easily missed but make all the difference.

  • Dust makes things dull, and also attracts more dust, so target less visible areas like high-level shelves, underneath furniture, along carpet edges, and behind doors where dark lines can form.
  • Next, remember to look up: cobwebs can appear from seemingly nowhere on ceiling corners, light fittings, above cooker hoods, and around bathroom extractors.
  • Finally, include any storage areas where buyers will look, such as kitchen cupboards, medicine cabinets, and built-in wardrobes: they should be clean, ordered, and unstuffed.

Preparing to sell is also the perfect time for a thorough decluttering session, so take a look at our four ways to declutter blog to find the method that works for you.


As nature bursts into life once more, you can create an invigorating viewing experience by channelling Spring’s energy, beauty and aromas into your home with blooms of the season.

  • Single-cut stems look wonderful in little vases on bedside cabinets, living room side tables and fireplaces, as well as in bathrooms and cloakrooms.
  • Large vases filled with flowers make great room centrepieces, particularly on dining tables, sideboards, hall consoles, and deep shelves.
  • Pots and hanging baskets by the front door enhance your kerb appeal and offer a warm and colourful invitation for buyers to step inside.

Finally, a quick tip if you’re not planning to sell until after the spring: get your summer bulbs planted now to have a blooming garden for your photos and viewings later on.


With the sun higher in the sky and the days getting longer, more buyers will see how your home looks and feels in the daylight, so here’s how to maintain the magic of spring indoors:

  • There’s no question that the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to boost natural brightness is to clean your windows and any glazed interior doors, allowing light to flood in and flow.
  • Position mirrors to reflect views of the outside, adding glimpses of sky and greenery to internal walls and amplifying the levels of light.
  • Clean any accessories made of glossy materials like glass, metal, and ceramic so they shine with sparkling reflections of your rooms.

Natural light is at the top of almost every buyer’s wishlist, so it really pays to emphasise your home’s inherent brightness and give it some extra help in darker corners to dazzle everyone who comes to view.


As a season of positivity and fresh starts, spring’s palette of sights and smells can be used to infuse your home with the spirit of freshness that abounds at this time of year.

Spring 2024’s interior trends take inspiration from blooming meadows, and whether you’re accessorising or decorating, try these tips to capture the essence of the season:

  • Introduce accents of this year’s colour palette of pastel blues, soft lilacs and butter yellows, from swapping out wintery bedding and cushions to treating a wall or alcove to a lighter coat of paint.
  • Break up dark or bare walls by hanging pictures of outdoor scenes, from abstract prints to fabulous photos, with plenty of sky and nature for uplifting spring vibes.
  • Place a bowl of zesty citrus fruits like oranges and lemons on a kitchen worktop, or give the air a refreshing lift with candles and reed diffusers in classic spring scents. 

By blending current trends and timeless spring style, you can echo the pages of design magazines and Pinterest boards to give your photos and viewings a fresh and fashionable feel.


Gardens and balconies are proven to add serious value, so if you’ve got some outside space, no matter how big or small, try these foolproof tips to ramp up your sale price.

  • Of all the different things buyers want from outdoor space, a place to sit is always on the list, so set the stage with a stylish table and chairs that are just the right size.
  • Remove anything that either doesn’t belong or doesn’t add style: you’d vacuum a carpet, so jet-wash any decking, paths and patios, and clear lawns of long-fallen leaves or new blossom.
  • Amplify the feeling of an extra room outside with interior touches like all-weather rugs, lighting, cushions and blankets, along with some pots of cheerful spring blooms.

It’s remarkable how swiftly you can transform an outdoor space that feels either forgotten or ravaged by winter into an irresistible haven that charms buyers with the promise of summer.

Are you planning to sell this spring?

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